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Good UX improves the satisfaction of users, increases the rates of adoption and helps monetise your ideas.

Requirements and Ideation workshops

Working on your product strategy will help identify your problem, the scope of the project and plan the best possible solutions. It will also help us design time and cost.



Tell us more about your heading and we will discuss the end product with you. Sometimes we will challenge your initial ideas to make sure your plans are market-proof.



Turning ideas into vision will help us understand how to design your product. We’ll make sure the vision is broad enough to be appealing and narrow enough to be concrete.



Plan your budget according to our estimations and get the idea about the timeline. Tell us if your deadline is fixed so we can plan our work accordingly.

Audits and analysis

Existing products face specific challenges. With less room for designing from scratch, they require careful investigation to identify the areas for improvement.

expert reviews

Expert reviews

Experienced UX and UI designers will have a look at your existing product and offer advice on the most pressing issues or optimal strategic directions.

usability heuristics

Usability heuristics

By examining the interface and assessing its compliance with usability principles, we will pinpoint the underlying problems and identify opportunities.

competitive analysis

Competitive analysis

Let’s make sure we know how others do it and what we can learn from the experience of your competitors. It’s sensible to follow good examples and learn from the mistakes of others.

Content strategy and information architecture

The purpose of content strategy is to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content that attracts the company's target customers. In today's social web environment, getting the right message to the right customer at the right time is crucial.



Make sure that the framework of communication in your product is well-thought-through and clear to understand. With the structure in place, it is easier to create the right content.


Good narrative

It’s always great if you can tell a story with an interesting plot, clear goal and impactful language. Whether building an e-commerce store or a marketing website a powerful narrative makes your communication trustworthy.



Is all information equally important? Certainly not. But there are pieces of your story that simply must be told, while the rest is supplementary information. Make sure you don’t say too much at the same time.


New Information Architecture for UK’s leading smart home e-commerce platform

Case study

Wireframes and prototypes

Make sure that you are on the same page with designers, developers and product owners before you spend more time on design.



Lo-fidelity wireframes cost less than actual designs. They are like sketches that help you understand the functionalities of the app and how they should be accessible.



With good text and image placeholders, the app gets a life even though it is still black and white. Let’s see if the language and visual assets fit the right spots.



You can validate your app with clickable prototypes with zero development hours involved. Our tools allow you to click through the product early.

Every project is different and so is
our approach

With our flexible, modular approach and various tools and methods, you’re able to choose the best way to meet your goal.

1 Discover

Identify key customer and business insights. We look into existing research and analytics, competitive landscape, and current state. We interview stakeholders and use research methods such as contextual interviews, observation, diary studies, and co-creation workshops to understand needs.

2 Define

Explore ideas and find the best solutions. We explore the most promising opportunities by workshopping, sketching, prototyping, visualizing, and testing with users. As our confidence in the right solutions grows, we start adding more detail and design the critical paths for the users.

3 Deliver

Design and perfect all the details. We work with clients, developers, and end-users to define every detail and interaction. We do design sprints with constant prototyping and regular user validation so that we can make sure every feature is desirable, and every interaction is intuitive.

Design Sprint

a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

Lean UX

as agile as possible, reducing the traditional UX documentation and long hours spent in design meetings. The team focuses on regular interactions with real customers through UX interviews and early testing.


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