Let’s talk about your product strategy

to empower the design process

Working on your product strategy will help identify your problem, the scope of the project and plan the best possible solutions. It will also help us design time and cost.

Value proposition

Your product is unique, and has a particular value for the users and investors. We’ll help you get down to the details of your offer that will help you gain traction and secure funding.


Your product is unique in many ways. It offers a set of features that have not been combined before and performs better. Let’s make sure we know all of them and are ready to communicate them to the market.

Users’ needs

How does the functionality address the needs of your target group? Is there anything specific we should know about the users while desiging the product?


While your product is unique, it competes for the attention of users with other similar products. It’s good to know in advance what can you expect from other players in your industry.

Target groups

t’s essential to know who you are pitching to. While the user group is often well-defined, there are also other actors involved in the process.


How will the users interact with your product? Are they professionals or consumers? Do they launch the app in the office or on the train? Many of those details will determine the design and your pitch.


Sometimes it’s the users who buy the product, but often it’s the company CEO or purchasing department who makes the decision. Let’s make sure we include them in our thinking about the product.


It’s possible that the first people you will have to win are not users or buyers, but investors. Applealing to them requires a careful approach, good research and sensible reasoning.

Sales pitch

You should be able to describe your products and their advantages within 30 seconds. To do this some preparation is needed and we’ll help you get ready.


Be brief

Explaining your product in just a few sentences is difficult, but it’s a must. With many start-ups competing for the attention of users and investors being concise is an advantage.

be clear

Be clear

Use simple sentences and words most people will understand. Do not go into details - you’ll do it later. Focus on key advantages and inform about what stands out.

be specific

Be specific

Talk about numbers and facts. Avoid opinions and guesses. The more objective you are and the more evidence to support your claims the better.


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