Software development
that turns vision into products

We help our clients build web and mobile applications that work and look great.

Our tech stack

We work with all major web and mobile technologies and choose them carefully to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Web development

From B2B platforms, through e-commerce, FinTech and telemedicine - the apps we build are developed with quality, performance and responsiveness in mind. 

Mobile development

Native mobile applications give you the full potential of the devices. Thanks to flexible technologies, they can be developed just once and used on Android and iOS devices.

Headless CMS

With a headless CMS, you have the freedom to work with any technology you like. As cloud-first headless CMS doesn't limit you in the choice of a technology stack. It's also not limited to websites as it can deliver your content through an API directly to where you need it, whether it's iOS app, Android or any platform and technology you can think of. This way you can deliver your application faster and cheaper.

Serverless computing 

Serverless architecture allows you to cut time spent on server maintenance and administration so you don't waste valuable time and resources. You only pay for what you actually use and many serverless providers offer generous free tiers. It scales up and down automatically to meet your demands, so no more worries about the burst of traffic or downtime periods. You can focus on what is most important, developing your application.

From MVPs to scalable products

Start building your application lightly, and make investments gradually. There is no need to build your house all at once. It’s sensible to go brick by brick.



Your initial product should be flexible enough to allow you to easily add new features, or roll back the one’s that don’t get traction with users.



As your product grows it should be able to meet the demands of a growing number of users, handle heavier traffic and new markets.



Choose technologies that are supported and accepted by the development community. In this way, it will be easier to develop and maintain the application in the future.

Project management

We take care of the whole process of application development, so you can focus on your business.



We help you draw the broad roadmap for your product, and the small steps to achieve market traction. Let’s think when is the best moment to launch, and when to pitch to investors.


The development work is done in weekly or bi-weekly sprints, after which work is demoed to you. This helps iterate and reduces the risks of moving into the wrong direction.


You will receive reports of our work, where development work will be broken down to specific tasks. This facilitates transparency and accountability of the development teams.

Every project is different and so is our approach

With our flexible, modular approach and various tools and methods, you’re able to choose the best way to meet your goal.

1 Discover

Identify key customer and business insights. We look into existing research and analytics, competitive landscape, and current state. We interview stakeholders and use research methods such as contextual interviews, observation, diary studies, and co-creation workshops to understand needs.

2 Define

Explore ideas and find the best solutions. We explore the most promising opportunities by workshopping, sketching, prototyping, visualizing, and testing with users. As our confidence in the right solutions grows, we start adding more detail and design the critical paths for the users.

3 Deliver

Design and perfect all the details. We work with clients, developers, and end-users to define every detail and interaction. We do design sprints with constant prototyping and regular user validation so that we can make sure every feature is desirable, and every interaction is intuitive.


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