Requirements and ideation workshop

Our workshops will help you and us understand your problem, the scope of the project, prepare the plan and find the best possible solutions. It will also help us estimate the time and cost.



Tell us more about your heading and we will discuss the end product with you. Sometimes we will challenge your initial ideas to make sure your plans are market-proof.



Turning ideas into vision will help us understand how to design your product. We’ll make sure the vision is broad enough to be appealing and narrow enough to be concrete.



Plan your budget according to our estimations and get the idea about the timeline. Tell us if your deadline is fixed so we can plan our work accordingly.

Workshop agenda

Our sessions are flexible but the deliverables are concrete.


0.5–3 days


3-6 participants


Remote or on site


Together we’ll explore user personas - short and concise snapshots of an imagined character representing a group target users. We build them so that we can keep the process user-centric.

User journeys

User journeys answer a simple question: how we want the user to behave to reach his goals? Drafting user journeys we make sure they require as few steps as possible and allow for further optimisation once the product is tested.

Features prioritisation

Usually, there are many great features that our product should have. But often they cannot be designed and developed at once. Prioritization allows the team to select the most important features that will be delivered first and focus on nice-to-haves later.

Product canvas

Product canvas is a simple but powerful tool that helps create products with great user experience and the right features. It combines agile and UX by complementing user stories with personas, storyboards, scenarios, design sketches and other UX artefacts

Workshop deliverables

user personas

User personas

user flows

User flows

prioritisation chart

Prioritisation chart

product canvas

Product canvas



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