A tablet application used by thousands of sales assistants in a high street electronics chain


Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer we worked with had a complex offer. This meant that shop assistants were overwhelmed by the number of product and service combinations, upsell/cross-sell options and pricing. They required a mobile tool to help them navigate through customer journeys in a thousand brick-and-mortar stores.


We started off with learning about the needs of shoppers and shop assistants. We wanted to understand what makes a successful salesperson and a satisfied customer. Our goal was to develop a fully customisable app serving several brands of the chain.

Our task was to build configurable journeys, different branding options, content, and UI components.

We initially focused on mobile network operators to help build a phone + monthly plan + broadband configuration. By spending time on the research phase, we made sure we understood the problem.

We ran workshops with the CTO, executives and sales staff, and analysed the main competitors. We also went through the data of the software used previously.

A lean approach to this project allowed us to focus on key functionalities needed for the MVP.

At the same time, we developed a Design System for the application, a list of responsive components, a set of font sizes, and the rules for the use of colours.

Final result

The client received a native tablet application used by thousands of sales assistants. It comprised intuitive journeys for both in-store staff and customers as well as improved cross-sell and upsell functionalities.

native application used by thousands

improved cross-sell and upsell

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