Product page optimisation which increased the page
to basket ratio by 26% and boosted profits


A London-based online retailer with over 1.3M clients experienced a high drop off rate and substandard page to basket rates.


While product pages were attractively designed, our team identified a few major problems with the user experience.

A single product page consisted of many sections – easily seen, yet inadequate, information about the products; confusing customisation options; and a complex upsell section. The amount of content was so overwhelming that it was identified as a source of problems for shoppers.

The initial steps in the project were user labs, testing of the existing pages, and identifying key pain points and issues. We also worked with the client’s data team by going through the statistics and live sessions recordings. To confirm and improve our design decisions, 3 waves of user labs were run.

As a result, we added more information about the products, focusing on use cases and key benefits. To make the users’ life easier, a sub-navigation with 3 different sections were added, which helped spread the content and make it easier to understand and navigate.

On one of the sub-pages, we introduced a new system of customisation and removed the upsell section from this step.

Final result

The changes to the platform we introduced increased the page to basket ratio by 26% significantly increasing the revenue.

page to basket ratio increased

page to basket ratio increased by 26%

increased revenue

increased revenue

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