Online medical consultation application for an upmarket clinic


Time and cost were the two driving factors that our client wanted to reduce in their patient appointments.

The established clinic identified that making their patients visit for each consultation was inconvenient. We were hired to help eliminate their long travel times by allowing them to see qualified doctors remotely.

Remote examination requires less time in a doctor’s office and thus would cut the cost of care.


The aim was to make it easier for patients to consult their physicians online. Using video and chat does not require people to meet their doctors in person.

This would translate into additional convenience:

with this product, patients could have their consultation with a doctor early in the morning, print their prescription, and pick up the medication on their way to work.

After initial workshops with the client, investigative sessions with patients, deep market research and competitor analysis we started identifying the tool’s key functionalities.

We formed a hypothesis followed by concepts we could quickly put in front of people. We went through two waves of user labs and tested our prototype with 20 participants before releasing the MVP. From this point, it became a living organism, we were monitoring and tweaking, ultimately achieving satisfactory results.

Final result

Patents and doctors praised the web and native applications, which increased the availability of care and cut the time and cost of the consultation.

increased availability of care

increased availability of care

cut time and cost

cut time and cost

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