New Information Architecture for UK’s leading smart home e-commerce platform


The application is UK’s leading smart-home platform and an e-commerce store for smart-home equipment. It serves ca. 1.2m users. Based on the analysis of application usage data and interviews with stakeholders we've identified that customers find it very difficult to understand the difference between various propositions: Single products, Bundles and Services.

The whole architecture was very fragmented and confusing which resulted in a pretty high level of drop-offs in certain areas of the site

Two areas for improvement in information architecture and design have been identified:


supporting new and inexperienced users who had not been incentivised enough to learn about the platform’s offering and finding what is the best solution for their needs.


continue to offer a quick path to purchase for users with a clear intention to buy. The project was formulated to research and deliver the solution to address the needs of both inexperienced and experienced users.

The project was formulated to research and deliver the solution to address the needs of both inexperienced and experienced users.

Additionally, the project had to be completed within 5 weeks and involved the cooperation between internal and external UX teams.


The work was divided into three phases: research and ideation, design, validation and refinement.

During the research and ideation phase, an in-depth analysis of challenges was carried out and initial concepts created. Based on an initial hypothesis a pool of possible concepts was proposed, and three became working concepts.

In the design phase, in order to speed up the hypothesis testing, a rapid evaluation technique called guerilla interviews were used. Guerilla interviews with users allowed to gain user insights about the three proposed hypotheses/navigation concepts.

Subsequently, the concepts were refined and further discovery interviews were carried out. Conclusions were reached about home-page hierarchy, simplification of product categories and redesign of wizard module.

Based on those conclusions, concepts were further narrowed-down and clickable prototypes created. The various prototypes were lab tested with users.

Further validation and user test were carried out during the validation and refinement phase, and final information architecture proposed.

Final result

Navigation concepts and site-map alterations were prepared ready to be rolled out. Sales statistics pending mid-term A/B testing. We’ve also developed a clear roadmap for further improvement proposed.

new navigation and sitemap

new navigation and sitemap

clear roadmap

clear roadmap

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