Checkout funnel redesign that increased overall conversion rate by 18% and reduced drop-off


The client, a leading smart home electronics retailer in the UK, approached us with a problem they wanted to solve: the sales on their platform were not performing well. While customers were adding a lot of products to the basket, they were leaving the page before completing the purchase. We needed to understand why and fix the issue.


It was clear that the client had adequately priced the products and e-shoppers intended to buy them since they placed them in the cart.

With this in mind, we focused on the performance of the sales funnel and identified a list of significant issues with the checkout journey.

We found huge drop-offs in most of the steps, peaking at 70% between the basket and the first step of checkout.

Mobile and tablet performances were even worse. The platform had never prioritised mobile traffic, although the vast majority of visitors were smartphone users.

Due to time constraints, we had to start improvements straight from the UI screens. We based our hypotheses on an internal review, discussions with key stakeholders, and many sessions on the client’s data platform. The first design proposals were tested on three waves of user labs with 24 participants going through numerous iterations over six weeks.

Based on conclusions from testing and feedback from user sessions, we decided to completely redesign all the sections of the store starting from the basket page. We introduced a clear split between the products and the product summary sections and modelled a clear step-by-step process. We also removed a "wall of death" – the "create your account/sign in" screen that caused a 70% drop off.

Before the final release, we ran an A/B tests against the old version of checkout funnel.

Final result

After our project finished, the sales went up. By remodelling the checkout journey and removing the sign in screen we reduced the drop off rate from 70% to 48%. With similarly good results for other steps in the journey, we increased the overall conversion rate by 18% and cart to order rate by 15%.

drop-off rate reduced

drop-off rate reduced by 22% 

overall conversion rate up

overall conversion rate up by 18%

cart to order rate up

cart to order rate up by 15%

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